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Exploring Technology in Careers
Subject: Technology
Grade span: 6 to 12
Duration: 2-3 sessions to preview career opportunities and resources
This lesson was excerpted from the Afterschool Training Toolkit under the promising practice: Living and Working with Technology
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In this lesson, students consider how technology is used in the workplace. Through a series of group and individual activities, they assess their skills and interests, identify their "perfect" job or career, and research the role technology plays in that job or career. The lesson helps students begin to think about how their education can help them prepare to meet their career goals.

Learning Goals:



Instructor and students need to know how to conduct searches, find Web addresses (URLs), and navigate links and Web pages on the Internet.

What to Do:

Engage students in a group discussion pertaining to their interests and skills.
First, ask them to think about all the things they're good at. Follow up with these or similar questions: What do you think you really do best? Are you good at a particular subjects like math or English? Do you work best with people your own age, younger children, or adults? Do you have a musical or artistic talent? Do you like to build or fix things? Do you have athletic abilities? Do you enjoy being inside or outdoors? Do you like to work alone or with a lot of people? Do you spend a great deal of time on the computer? Are you fascinated by nature and science? Do you often find yourself reading books to learn more about at certain topic?

Ask students to begin a written journal using their computers.
Have them focus on the following topics:

Discuss as a group what they have written.
Have each student share with the group. Find out if there are several students with the same interest. Discuss pros and cons of the various choices.

Move the discussion along and ask students to consider the role that technology plays in their job or career choices. Do they know that technology skills and knowledge are found in art and music, building and repairing automobiles and motorbikes, as well as in the fields of engineering and science? What other everyday places have they seen technology being used?

Ask students what types of technology skills they have now. What technology do they like best and why? What technology do they like least and why? How could technology help them achieve their goals?

Ask students to return to their journal and make an additional entry regarding technology after this discussion.

Explore jobs and careers online.
Students will now spend time with a computer connected to the Internet to find out more about their career interest and educational and skill requirements. Their research should consider technology skills required, potential earnings, colleges or universities with appropriate programs, scholarship opportunities, and financial aid information.

A list of helpful Web sites can be found on the Resources page.

Have students make entries into their journals, including Web site addresses they would like to review again or additional information about a career, job, or school.

Evaluate (Outcomes to look for):

Click this link to see additional learning goals, grade-level benchmarks, and standards covered in this lesson.

Learn More:

Plan an activity in which students will interact with a professional in a specific field of interest or a project through which students can link up with an organization or company in your community. You might also have students practice writing their resume or rehearse an interview. Engage students in a discussion to determine their interests. Remember to keep the focus on the way technology is used.

View some ideas detailed on the Resources page.

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