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The Eighty Yard Run
Subject: Literacy
Grade span: 9 to 12
Duration: four to five 30-minute sessions
This lesson was excerpted from the Afterschool Training Toolkit under the promising practice: Read Aloud


Considered one of the best American short stories, Irwin Shaw's The Eighty Yard Run provides an account of a young football hero's finest moment from the perspective of the player fifteen years later. This dynamic tale provides excellent material for an adolescent read aloud, addressing key components of high school culture - football and first love. The story also provides an historic picture of Depression era events, life in New York City, and a compelling portrait of a marriage over time. For adolescents, read aloud sessions will have greater impact if they participate with their own voices. For students of different cultural backgrounds, frame questions that allow for cultural comparisons (i.e. different sports, courting, and marriage customs and different historical backgrounds). This activity requires a series for four to five thirty to forty minute sessions.

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