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Ask an Expert
Subject: Technology
Grade span: 8 to 12
Duration: Ongoing
This lesson was excerpted from the Afterschool Training Toolkit under the promising practice: Learning in Virtual Spaces


Students don't need to be "stuck" when working on assigned projects or problems. With a computer with Internet access, you can provide your students with some online help and as well as some technology experience. Using "ask an expert" Web sites, set up a cyber study center where students ask online experts questions related to their assignments. For example, two eighth-grade boys are struggling with a geometry problem about "perimeters." They log on to a math mentoring Web site and search the forum archives for questions and answers about "perimeter." They find some messages for most of their problems but remain stumped on two questions, so they post questions to the online math expert and log on the next day to see what additional help they have received.

Learning Goals:



What to Do:

Extension Activities:

Teaching Tips:

Teaching Tip When to Ask an Expert:

As you implement your "ask an expert" online homework help program, consider how it will fit into your existing homework sessions. If you have a limited number of computers available for online help, you might consider having a sign-up sheet. As students become familiar with asking for online help, you might also want to have them record in their journals steps they have already taken to solve a specific problem before turning to an expert, thus enhancing their problem-solving skills.

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