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Lesson Overview
Teacher Background Information
Lesson Focus
Objective Grid
Lesson 1: Spiders! Scary or Nice?
Lesson 2: Spiders Have Special Characteristics
Lesson 3: Spiders Catch Prey
-Spider Venom
-A Spider's Breakfast
-Catch A Fly
-Spider Fun
Lesson 4: The Spider's Life Cycle
Lesson 5: Spiders Have Natural Enemies
Lesson 6: Spiders Live Everywhere
Lesson 7: Now We Know Spiders!
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Spiders - Lesson 3: Spiders Catch Prey
ACTIVITY: Catch a Fly

Students catch and count popped corn; compare which number is the largest.

popcorn popper and popcorn
sheet to place on the floor
various utensils to catch the popped corn: sheet rolled into a cone, large spoons, box

The children pretend to be spiders who are going to catch flying insects (the popped corn).

  1. Place sheet on the floor to catch the popped corn.
  2. Pop the corn in the center of the sheet to avoid the corn falling on the floor.
  3. The students sit around the popper on the edges of the sheet.
  4. As the corn is popping out, the students stay seated and from where they are, try to catch the popped corn with the different utensils or objects they selected. They cannot catch the corn that has fallen on the floor -- only the corn that falls into their utensils.
  5. After the popper has popped all the corn, the students count the number of "insects" each caught. They compare to see who caught the most.
  6. The students can compare to see who got the most "insects" by either counting and comparing to see who has the largest number or by matching the corn, kernel by kernel, to see who has the most left over.

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