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Table of Contents
Lesson Overview
Teacher Background Information
Lesson Focus
Objective Grid
Lesson 1: Spiders! Scary or Nice?
Lesson 2: Spiders Have Special Characteristics
-Edible Spiders
-Spiders Have Eight Legs
-Who Am I?
-Ordering Sets and Numbers
Lesson 3: Spiders Catch Prey
Lesson 4: The Spider's Life Cycle
Lesson 5: Spiders Have Natural Enemies
Lesson 6: Spiders Live Everywhere
Lesson 7: Now We Know Spiders!
Spanish Language Translations

Spiders - Lesson 2: Spiders Have Special Characteristics
ACTIVITY: Ordering Sets and Numbers

The student constructs a set with one more (one less) member than a given set and assigns each set its corresponding cardinal number.

counters, toy spiders or objects representing spiders
numeral cards 0 through 10

Students work in pairs.

  1. One student constructs a set of spiders.
  2. The second student:
    • constructs a set with one more spider on the right of the smaller set
    • places the appropriate numeral card under each set
    • makes a statement such as: four spiders are more than three spiders; four is one more than three.
  3. The two students change roles and continue constructing sets of "one more."
  4. Change the task to construct a set that has "one less" spider than the given set.
  5. Students continue as in Procedure 2.

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