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  1. Building Bright Futures for Preschoolers in Madison Parish (11/2009)
  2. SEDL News (11/2009)
  3. Does Homework Improve Academic Achievement?: If So, How Much Is Best? (08/2008)
  4. Teacher, Mira Mis Plantas! (08/2008)
  5. USDE's Parental Information and Resource Center (PIRC) Program Works to Boost Parent Involvement and Achievement (08/2008)
  6. Putting Parents in the Middle (School, That Is) (04/2008)
  7. Importance of Family and Community Involvement Continues to Grow (12/2006)
  8. SEDL and the Harvard Family Research Project Team Up to Provide Technical Assistance to PIRCs (12/2006)
  9. SEDL Celebrates Its History and the ESEA (12/2006)
  10. The 1970s: Scaling Up, Scaling Down (12/2006)
  11. The 1990s: Putting the Pieces Together (12/2006)
  12. The 2000s: Rigor, Research, and Resilience (12/2006)
  13. Early Experience in School Sets the Stage for Later School Success (06/2005)
  14. One Child at a Time: The Case of School-Based Mentoring (02/2002)
  15. Parents Reach Beyond Their Own Families (02/2002)
  16. SEDL's New Center Makes Family-Community Connections to Improve Learning (02/2002)
  17. The Missing Link in Teacher Education Programs (02/2002)
  18. 'Date Night' Takes on a Whole New Meaning (04/2001)
  19. Parents Are Partners in Fabens (05/2000)
  20. Resources for Connecting Schools and Communities (05/2000)
  21. Study Circles Stave Off Crises for Two Arkansas School Districts (05/2000)
  22. The Community Is the Key to Engaging Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Families (05/2000)
  23. A Comprehensive Collaboration (04/1998)
  24. Resources for Family and Community Involvement in Schools (04/1998)