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  1. SEDL News (11/2009)
  2. Afterschool Programs Make a Difference: Findings From the Harvard Family Research Project (08/2008)
  3. Austin's Maplewood Elementary Relies on Parents as Partners for Afterschool (08/2008)
  4. Introduction: Increasing Student Success Beyond the School Day (08/2008)
  5. National Partnership for Quality Afterschool Learning Wins Twice (08/2008)
  6. Professional Development in the Afterschool Environment (08/2008)
  7. SEDL's Afterschool Work Deepens with California Demonstration Program (08/2008)
  8. Select SEDL Resources Related to Afterschool, Family, & Community Learning Beyond the School Day (08/2008)
  9. What Rigorous Research and Reviews Tell Us: Impacts of Afterschool Programs and Parent Involvement on Student Outcomes (08/2008)
  10. Motivating Middle School Students to Attend Afterschool Programs (04/2008)
  11. After Hours: Professional Development for Afterschool Staff (04/2007)
  12. Importance of Family and Community Involvement Continues to Grow (12/2006)
  13. National Partnership Begins Work on Large-Scale Efficacy Trials of Promising Afterschool Programs (12/2006)
  14. Promising Practices in Afterschool Arts Programs Emphasized in Online Toolkit (12/2006)
  15. SEDL Celebrates Its History and the ESEA (12/2006)
  16. The 1990s: Putting the Pieces Together (12/2006)
  17. Afterschool Achievement - Strengthening Literacy & Other Skills (05/2006)
  18. Afterschool Science Classes Nurture an Interest in Nature (05/2006)
  19. Knowledge, Excellence, Wisdom, and Action Through the Arts After School (05/2006)
  20. National Partnership Promotes Promising Practices - Staff Training for Quality Afterschool Programs (05/2006)
  21. New Study Shows High-Performing Afterschool Programs Share Five Characteristics (05/2006)
  22. Out-of-School Program Breaks Boundaries, Empowers Students Through the Arts (05/2006)
  23. Preliminary Findings From Promising Practices Site Identification for the 21st Century Community Learning Centers (05/2006)
  24. The Future of Federal Afterschool Initiatives - Q&A: Robert Stonehill (05/2006)
  25. Times Have Changed After School (05/2006)