Creating Collaborative Action Teams: Working Together for Student Success

Introduction to the Collaborative Action Team Process

These Web pages give an overview of the Collaborative Action Team process and link to the set of materials, Creating Collaborative Action Teams: Working Together for Student Success.

The Collaborative Action Team Process

The Collaborative Action Team process is a set of concepts, activities, and resources that individuals, school districts and other organizations can use to develop a partnership between home, school, community, and students at the local level. These teams identify pressing issues in the school community and take action to address those issues with the purpose of promoting student success.

Stages and Steps in the Process

  1. Stage 1: Getting Started
    Introduce the Process, Gather School Community Information, Plan the First Steps
  2. Stage 2: Mobilizing the Team
    Establish Representative Membership, Determine Communication Ground Rules, Build Common Understanding, Support Consensus Decision making, Identify Shared Leadership Opportunities
  3. Stage 3: Setting Direction
    Agree on a Vision, Identify and Prioritize Issues, Develop a Mission Statement, Set Team Goals, Communicate Your Message
  4. Stage 4: Taking Action
    Develop Strategies, Determine Necessary Tasks, Establish Evaluation Methods, Monitor Progress, Expand Network Opportunities
  5. Stage 5: Reviewing and Refining
    Assess Team Effectiveness, Celebrate Your Successes, Increase Effectiveness and Impact


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