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Previous Work
October 2005 through September 2012



The Texas Comprehensive Center (TXCC) provided technical assistance, professional development, and support services to the Texas Education Agency (TEA) under grant number S283B050020 from the U.S. Department of Education (ED) for 7 years. TXCC's work with TEA focused on educator quality and effectiveness; statewide systems of support; English language learners and other diverse students; literacy, mathematics, and science initiatives; early-warning data systems; college- and career-ready standards and aligned assessments; and support to facilitate implementation of and compliance with the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA).

ESEA Management Institute

In 2009, TEA requested support from the TXCC in providing information to local education agencies funded under the No Child Left Behind (Elementary and Secondary Education) Act. The result was the NCLB Management Institute, which was a venue to provide technical assistance and updates on NCLB programs.

The TXCC assisted TEA with presentation development and organization and delivery techniques in addition to logistics planning and conference registration. TXCC staff also helped TEA design and conduct an evaluation of the institute.

Work in 2010–2011

Due to the overwhelmingly positive response to the first NCLB Management Institute, held in June 2010, a second institute was held in June 2011. Plans were also initiated to provide a third institute in 2012.

Work in 2011–2012

A third Management Institute, now referred to as the ESEA Management Institute, will be held in June 2012. The TXCC will assist TEA with planning, conducting, and evaluating the institute. Once again, the focus will be on providing district and regional education service center staff with information about regulations and guidance on the effective implementation of federally funded programs.

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Previous Work Updates

July 2016

TXCC activities focused on supporting the Texas Education Agency's (TEA) stakeholder engagement activities as the agency begins to develop the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) Consolidated State Plan. TXCC staff began development of an ESSA Stakeholder Engagement Facilitator Guide for TEA staff. The purpose of this document is to guide TEA in arranging engagement meetings, facilitating stakeholder conversations, and collecting their input as required by ESSA. In addition, TXCC staff began development of an online ESSA public input survey for TEA to be launched in September.

June 2016

TXCC staff attended two ESSA webinars hosted by the U.S. Department of Education (ED) on state plans, data reporting, and accountability. TXCC staff worked to support the Texas Education Agency (TEA) in developing internal workgroups that will meet this summer and fall to develop components of TEA's Consolidated State Plan. TXCC consulted with TEA on ED's proposed requirements for stakeholder engagement in support of ESSA state plan development and provided information on ED's proposed ESSA requirements, including an outline for ESSA state plan submission.

May 2016

TXCC collaborated with TEA to develop a framework and plan for developing TEA's ESSA Consolidated State Plan. TXCC staff provided TEA with a framework for identifying stakeholder engagement groups and developed and submitted a preliminary gap analysis comparing requirements under the Every Student Succeeds Act to the Texas Education Agency Accountability System.

June 2012

The ESEA Management Institute was held in Austin at the Renaissance Hotel from June 4–6 and the focus of the event was broadened from previous years. Over 500 participants not only heard from the Grants Management Department, they also had the chance to attend sessions from the three major departments in the division of Standards and Programs: Curriculum; Federal and State Education Policy; and Instructional Materials and Educational Technology.

May 2012

The agenda for the Management Institute has been finalized and all available registration slots have been filled. Everything is ready for the launch of an exciting Institute.

March 2012

The audience for the ESEA Management Institute was identified, and registration information was sent to potential attendees. Meetings are underway to establish the agenda, which should be finalized by the end of April so that speakers can be invited and begin to prepare for the institute.

February 2012

Plans began February 21, 2012 for the third institute to be hosted by the TXCC for 600 educators in the state of Texas. The dates and location for the 2012 ESEA Management Institute were finalized. The institute, which focuses on ESEA grants administration and implementation, will be held at the Renaissance Hotel in Austin beginning on June 4 and ending on June 6. The registration process is under development and will be operational in March.

January 2012

The Texas Education Agency (TEA) requested TXCC's assistance with the third Management Institute to help keep federal program staff from schools, districts, and ESCs informed about federal guidelines and regulations. TXCC staff will assist the TEA in establishing procedures for planning and conducting this annual conference.


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