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Table of Contents
Lesson Overview
Teacher Background Information
Lesson Focus
Objective Grid
Lesson 1: Spiders! Scary or Nice?
-Like or Not Like
-Spider Vivarium
Lesson 2: Spiders Have Special Characteristics
Lesson 3: Spiders Catch Prey
Lesson 4: The Spider's Life Cycle
Lesson 5: Spiders Have Natural Enemies
Lesson 6: Spiders Live Everywhere
Lesson 7: Now We Know Spiders!
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Spiders - Lesson I: Spiders! Scary or Nice?
ACTIVITY: Like or Not Like

Students collect information and depict it on a graph; count; compare numbers.

At the Mathematics Center

    Chart paper Glue or tape Post-it notes or pieces of paper with each student's name or initials to glue on chart
  1. Before the lesson, take a survey of class members to see whether they like or do not like spiders.
  2. Each student places note on the column marked "yes" or "no".
  3. Students count notes in each category.
  4. Compare the numbers. How many more like (or dislike) spiders than not like (or like)? What do we do to compare two numbers to see which is greater? (We can count; match the squares to see which ones are left over; subtract.)
  5. Repeat the survey after the lesson. Again, compare the numbers.

	Before Lesson			After Lesson
	Yes|O  O  O  O  O		Yes|	
	---|-------------		---|-------------
	No |O  O  O      		No |                
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