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Table of Contents
Lesson Overview
Teacher Background Information
Lesson Focus
Objective Grid
Lesson 1: Long Ago
Lesson 2: Extinction
Lesson 3: Fossils
Lesson 4: Types of Dinosaurs
Lesson 5: Meat and Plant Eaters
Lesson 6: The Dinosaur's Life Cycle
Lesson 7: Nature and Change
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Dinosaurs - Lesson Focus

LESSON 1: Long Ago
BIG IDEAS: Dinosaurs existed many years ago; we have found their bones. Zero is the number that tells how many dinosaurs exist today.

LESSON 2: Extinction

BIG IDEAS: Life can cease to exist because the conditions on earth that support it change and no longer meet a life form's needs. Dinosaurs' needs were very large.

LESSON 3: Fossils

BIG IDEAS: Paleontologists dig for fossils to help us learn about the kinds of animals that lived long ago. Good guesses can be made from careful observations.

LESSON 4: Types of Dinosaurs

BIG IDEAS: There were many different kinds of dinosaurs: some walked on land, others flew in the air and others lived both on land and in water. We can use geometric shapes to draw their pictures.

LESSON 5: Meat and Plant Eaters

BIG IDEAS: Dinosaurs existed by eating large quantities of plants like ferns or by eating other animals. We can classify dinosaurs in many different ways.

LESSON 6: The Dinosaur's Life Cycle

BIG IDEAS: Dinosaurs hatched from eggs laid by the female dinosaur; the baby dinosaurs grew to be adults. Mathematics also tells us about patterns in the lives of dinosaurs.

LESSON 7: Nature and Change

BIG IDEAS: The story of the existence and extinction of dinosaurs tells us that change is a part of nature. Change can be observed by making comparisons and by using mathematics.

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