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This resource addresses the topic: Management.

The Jossey-Bass Reader on Educational Leadership, Second Edition (New)
Jossey-Bass Publishers
This is an anthology of some of the best literature available on leadership in education, including educational theory in leadership and successful practices and theory in business leadership. The book is broken into six parts. Part 1 includes five groundbreaking articles on organizational leadership, showing a strong conceptual base for leadership in all human situations. Part 2 is a theoretical look at moral leadership. Part 3 tackles the dilemma of how to go about making change in organizational cultures by understanding change and the issues involved in transformational leadership. Part 4 discusses not only setting high standards, but also using standards as strategies to improve leadership across the system. Part 5 is a discussion of leadership and diversity. Part 6 focuses on the future of leadership, including how to prepare school principals, building leadership capacity, and the ins and outs of school renewal. (472 pages)
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