National Partnership for Quality Afterschool Learning
A Resource Guide for Planning and Operating Afterschool Programs

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This resource addresses the topics: Integrating K-12 and Afterschool Programs, Community Building/Collaboration.

Home, School, and Community Partnerships
Larry E. Decker and Virginia A. Decker
This book assists educational leaders, teachers, family members, and community advocates in creating and maintaining home-school-community partnerships. The authors present ideas and strategies for engaging people—whether they are individuals, agencies, businesses, or organizations—in partnerships with schools. Specifically, the book examines the principles and strategies for building family and community partnerships, the essential role of communities in supporting schools, school-community collaborations, the political realities of school partnerships, school safety and crisis management and its impact on partnerships, and ways to plan and evaluate your own comprehensive home-school-community partnership. The appendix includes contact information and Web sites organized by content area as additional resources. (284 pages)
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