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This resource addresses the topic: Management.

Finders and Keepers: Helping New Teachers Survive and Thrive in Our Schools (New)
Susan Moore Johnson
There is growing concern about teacher quality and teacher retention. This resource discusses some of the findings of a longitudinal study of 50 new teachers. After 4 years, one third of the 50 teachers had left public school teaching, and another one third had changed schools or districts. This book highlights 10 of the teachers from that study. These 10 teachers describe their reasons for entering the field, what their expectations were, what they encountered in the schools, and how they decided to stay in the field or move on to other jobs. For anyone looking to address the issue of finding quality teachers and keeping them, Finders and Keepers provides valuable insight. It reveals the crucial role that the setting plays, as well as how important principals and experienced teachers are to hiring and retaining quality teachers. (314 pages)
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