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This resource addresses the topic: Evaluation.

Charting the Benefits of High-Quality After-School Program Experiences: Evidence From New Research on Improving After-School Opportunities for Disadvantaged Youth (New)
Elizabeth R. Reisner, Deborah Lowe Vandell, Ellen M. Pechman, Kim M. Pierce, B. Bradford Brown, and Daniel Bolt
This research focuses on improving afterschool programs and opportunities for youth. The paper examines the policy implications for recent findings from the Promising Program study, which explores how high-quality afterschool programs affect youth. Findings from the study suggest that plans for high-quality afterschool programming should span entire communities, uniting to engage the largest number of at-risk youth. Working alone, afterschool programs offer limited choices; therefore, youth look to other, sometimes less beneficial, settings for more desirable activities. The study finds that working together, afterschool programs can provide a wider array of opportunities for youth. Implications for policy planning are also included in this study. (16 pages)
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