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Respect Matters (New)
R. E. Myers
Respect is something we want all children to learn, but how do you teach it? Respect Matters includes 25 real-life scenarios appropriate for students in grades 6–8. Each scenario exposes students to a situation that pertains to the issue of respect, followed by a set of questions and a related activity. There are several ways in which this resource can be used. The scenarios can be powerful discussion starters to create opportunities for students to examine the situation more deeply as a class. In addition, the format of the stories and questions allows the teacher to reproduce them for student use, which makes them great for independent or group work. Because each scenario is unique, they can be presented in any order, and many of them can be easily integrated into science or social studies lessons. "For the Teacher" sections at the conclusion of each scenario help educators lead meaningful discussions and activities about an important topic that impacts us all. (140 pages)
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