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A Resource Guide for Planning and Operating Afterschool Programs

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This resource addresses the topics: Management, Programming, Integrating K-12 and Afterschool Programs.

More Than Homework, a Snack, and Basketball: Afterschool Programs as an Oasis of Hope for Black Parents in Four Cities (New)
Gerald Robinson and Leslie Fenwick
This resource reports the results of a study about Black parents who have children enrolled in an afterschool program. Four general themes emerged from the parent responses: barriers to afterschool programs, parents' knowledge of afterschool programs, the quality of afterschool programs, and the power of focus groups. Findings of this study include what Black parents believe is the purpose of an afterschool program, what they expect from an afterschool program, what they think makes an afterschool program weak or strong, and what activities their children like and dislike. (12 pages)
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