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Changing Children's Behavior by Changing the People, Places, and Activities in Their Lives (New)
Richard L. Munger
Each path a child takes in life includes a mix of people, places, and activities. This book explores the pathways that will help mold children into motivated, competent, and compassionate adults. The basic concept of the book is that how children spend their time determines the kind of developmental experiences they will have. Most of the chapters are devoted to how children can spend time in environments and activities that are conducive to healthy development. Ten major settings where children spend their time, such as with friends, at school, at afterschool, and at work, are covered. At the end of each environment chapter is a quiz to help parents or professionals determine a child's strengths and weaknesses followed by action steps to improve their environment. A chapter is devoted to the importance of exercise and physical education. This book was intended for use by both parents and professionals. (296 pages)
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