SECC Information Request: State Uniform Grading Practices

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Authors: Shirley Carraway, Beth Howard-Brown, Jason LaTurner, Robyn Madison-Harris, Jesse Mabus, Chris Times, Jayne Sowers

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• Published: 2013    • 23 pages   

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A state department of education (SDE) served by the Southeast Comprehensive Center (SECC) at SEDL requested an update of Rapid Response #00094, Statewide Uniform Grading Practices, which SECC published August 12, 2009. This report focused on uniform grading practices in elementary and secondary schools. It revealed various purposes for implementing grading systems, such as for communicating with students, parents, and others regarding academic performance; providing information that can be used by students for self-evaluation and growth; identifying students for courses and programs; evaluating the effectiveness of curriculum, instruction, and assessment practices and programs; preventing failure of courses; and establishing interventions for students. It also provided information regarding states that have uniform grading practices and those that do not have such practices (SECC, 2009).

This Information Request, State Uniform Grading Practices, provides updated information on the topic and supersedes Rapid Response #00094, which SECC previously archived.
Discussed below are the procedure for selecting resources for this request, general limitations, and information regarding uniform grading practices employed by various states.