SECC Information Request: Closing Consistently Low-Performing Charter Schools

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Authors: Brenda Arellano, Darlene Brown, Don Doggett, Beth Howard-Brown, Jesse Mabus, Sylvia Pirtle, Chris Times, Winsome Waite, Darren Woodruff

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• Published: 2013    • 21 pages   

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A state department of education (SDE) served by the Southeast Comprehensive Center (SECC) at SEDL requested information to address low performance of public charter schools. Specifically, the client posed the following questions:

1. How can the SDE close consistently low-performing schools? When should the schools be closed if they are consistently

2. How should the memorandum of agreement (MOA)/memorandum of understanding (MOU), application, and contract be
composed or constructed to support nonrenewal/closing of consistently low-performing charter schools?

3. What processes have been used by other agencies/districts to close consistently low-performing charter schools?

A discussion follows of the procedures for resource review and selection, limitations of this report, and information that pertains to the topic.