Glenda F. Copeland
Program Associate

Photo of Glenda F. CopelandGlenda Copeland is a Program Associate with SEDL's Education Systems Support (ESS) program. Ms. Copeland works with the Southeast Comprehensive Center (SECC) to build the capacity of state and regional education agencies to assist schools and districts in need of improvement. In this work, she oversees the planning and delivery of technical assistance and professional development in Georgia, and assists in providing similar services to other states served through the SECC.

Contact Information
You may contact Glenda F. Copeland at 770-432-7675

or by using SEDL's contact form.

Areas of Expertise
  • Mathematics and Science: Ms. Copeland has participated in identifying promising practices in mathematics and science, developing and implementing state frameworks in math and science, and creating coherence in classroom instruction.
  • School Improvement: Ms. Copeland was project director for a national school improvement project with sites in the Northeast, Mid-South, Florida, and Texas, and funded by the U.S. Department of Education. This work focused on developing the leadership needed to support school improvement. In addition, her work at SEDL on creating coherence in instruction, identifying promising practices, and developing and implementing alternative assessments and content standards provides a broad perspective on the components required to improve educational experiences for students.

Previously at SEDL, Ms. Copeland participated in the Regional Laboratory Network, during which time she helped produce Facilitating Systemic Change in Science and Mathematics Education: A Toolkit for Professional Developers and A Toolkit for Professional Developers: Alternative Assessment. She also contributed her expertise to the work of SEDL's Eisenhower Mathematics and Science Consortium for the Improvement of Mathematics and Science Teaching and the National Model Professional Development Award program. In these positions, she helped plan the selection process and manage the site-visit process for the U.S. Department of Education. Other past work includes leading the development and production of A Flashlight and Compass: A Collection of Tools to Promote Instructional Coherence for SEDL's Promoting Instructional Coherence (PIC) project. She also served as project director of a national comprehensive middle and high school improvement program. Prior to joining SEDL in 1992, she coordinated district gifted programs in social studies, language arts, and math for the Austin Independent School District, and was a K–12 classroom teacher for 12 years.

Ms. Copeland holds a BS in secondary education with a major in social sciences composite from the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa. She also received MA degrees in special education and gifted education from the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa.

SEDL Publications

Selected External Publications
  • Copeland, G., & EDC, Inc. (2003). AIM site developers handbook. Newton, MA: EDC, Inc.
Selected Presentations
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