Brian P. Litke
Information Technology Manager

Photo of Brian P. LitkeBrian Litke is an Information Technology Manager with SEDL's Administrative Services department.

Mr. Litke oversees the development of SEDL's corporate and intranet Web sites. He also works with SEDL's project staff to plan and implement new Web sites and to build tools that allow SEDL staff to update the content of their project sites. Mr. Litke adds interactivity to SEDL's corporate and project Web sites by programming online forms, databases, interactive learning modules, and SEDL's shopping cart. He also installs and configures SEDL's bulletin boards, search engines, and data management tools.

Mr. Litke has extensive experience designing Web-based information and data management systems that support SEDL programs and institutional functions. He has also coordinated the development and implementation of online systems for external clients, such as the United States Department of Education and the Texas Education Agency.

Contact Information
You may contact Brian P. Litke at 512-391-6529

or by using SEDL's contact form.

Areas of Expertise
  • Technology: Mr. Litke's experience in the area of technology includes implementing new Web sites, programming interactive site elements, enabling non-technical staff to update Web site content, and reporting on Web site maintenance and metrics.

Mr. Litke joined SEDL in September 1996 as a Training Specialist assisting SEDL staff in the use of technology. In that role, he established SEDL's intranet, and he later became administrator of SEDL's corporate Web site in November 1997. He creates interactive online resources using programming languages such as Perl, PHP, Javascript, and Flash. He is the recipient of the 2004 Edwin Hindsman Award conferred by the President and CEO of SEDL for substantial contributions to the service of children.

Prior to joining SEDL, Mr. Litke was an information coordinator for a national software retailer. He has also worked for Texas Guaranteed Student Loan Corporation as a loan counselor.

Mr. Litke holds a BA in English from the University of Texas at Austin and a Master of Science in Computer Information Systems (MSCIS) degree from St. Edward's University in Austin, TX.

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