Angelica Herrera
Research Associate

Photo of Angelica  HerreraAngelica Herrera is a Research Associate with SEDL's Research and Evaluation (R&E) program. Dr. Herrera provides technical assistance to state education agencies that are a part of the Texas Comprehensive Center and the Southeast Comprehensive Center. Her major responsibilities include assisting state education agency staff with developing evaluation plans and instruments to assess implementation and effectiveness of school improvement and turnaround efforts, analyzing state and national longitudinal data systems, and collaborating with staff on presentations and workshops.

Contact Information
You may contact Angelica Herrera at 512-391-6577

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Areas of Expertise

Dr. Herrera’s research interests have focused broadly on understanding the educational and social disparities experienced by children and families living in poverty. Much of her professional career has been devoted to evaluating and understanding the effects of programs and policies on children’s academic achievement and socio-emotional well being, with a particular focus on English language learners (ELLs). She has 14 years of professional experience in research and evaluation studies of early childhood and K–12 education programs. Dr. Herrera is highly skilled at developing evaluation protocols, measuring program implementation, recruiting participants and schools, data collection, and analyzing large-scale quantitative datasets, qualitative data, and Texas school-, student-, and teacher-level data.


Dr. Herrera joined SEDL in May 2014 after working as a consultant and co-owner of a research and evaluation firm. As a consultant, Dr. Herrera led or managed several evaluation projects for non-profit organizations, including the United Way for Greater Austin, KLRU-Austin PBS, and Sesame Workshop. Prior to being a business owner, Dr. Herrera was a Research Scientist for the Texas Schools Project at the University of Texas at Dallas, where she was closely involved in the evaluation of a statewide teacher professional development initiative. As an Evaluation Analyst at the Austin Independent School District, Dr. Herrera evaluated several district-wide programs, including bilingual education services provided to pre-kindergarten through 12th grade ELL students. Dr. Herrera has also worked as a Senior Researcher at the National Center for Children in Poverty at Columbia University where she managed data collection efforts and assisted with a research study of the long-term impacts of a school-based violence prevention program on adolescents’ academic achievement and socio-emotional well being.

Dr. Herrera holds a BA in psychology and Spanish from the University of Texas at Austin, an MA in psychology from Hunter College in New York City, and a PhD in developmental psychology from the Graduate School and University Center at the City University of New York. Dr. Herrera was a National Institute for Child Health and Human Development (NICHD) Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Texas at Austin in the lab of Dr. Aletha Huston.

SEDL Publications

Selected External Publications

  • Gershoff, E. T., Herrera, A. W., & Purtell, K. M. (2013). An Evaluation of Play to Learn. Available at
  • Gershoff, E. T., Aber, J. L., Ware Herrera, A., & Kotler, J. A. (2010). Exposure to 9/11 among youth and their mothers in New York City: Lasting associations with mental health and sociopolitical attitudes. Child Development, 81 (4), 1142-1160. 

  • Herrera, A. W. & Malerba C. (2010, June). Did mothers’ completion of the ePromotora program influence children’s prekindergarten academic achievement, school attendance, and personal development? (DPE Report 08.96). Available at
  • Malerba C. & Herrera, A. W. (2010, May). Bilingual Education and English as a Second Language programs longitudinal summary report: 2005–2006 to 2008–2009 (DPE Report 08.75). Available at
  • Huston, A. C., Walker, J. T., Dowsett, C. J., Imes, A. E., & Ware Herrera, A. (2008, July). Long-Term effects of New Hope on children’s academic achievement and achievement motivation. (MDRC Report). Available at
  • Aber, J. L., Gershoff, E. T., Ware Herrera, A., & Kotler, J. A. (2004). Estimating the effects of 9/11 and other forms of violence on the mental health and social development of New York City’s youth: A matter of context. Applied Developmental Science, 8, 111-129.

Selected Presentations

  • Ware Herrera, A., & Malerba, C. A. (2011, April). Differences in Exited English-Language Learners' Academic Performance by Bilingual Education Program Entry and Exit Patterns. In A. W. Herrera (Chair), School and Family Effects on Latino and Asian Immigrant Students' Educational Program Participation. Paper presented at Society of Research in Child Development Biennial Meeting, Montreal, Canada, April 2, 2011.
  • Ware Herrera, A., Garland, M., & Malerba, C. A. (2009, April). Effects of a College Readiness Program, Expectations, Preparation, Academic Achievement, and Absences on Postsecondary Enrollment. In C.A. Malerba (Chair), School Experiences as a Means for Understanding Adolescent Academic Success. Paper presented at the Society of Research in Child Development Biennial Meeting, Denver, CO, April 3, 2009.
  • Kaplan, R., & Ware Herrera, A. (2008, March). New Hope's Impact on African American Males' Employment and Career Orientation Mediated by Attitudes, Optimism, and Spending. In A. Ware Herrera & A. E. Imes (Chairs), The Effects of an Antipoverty Policy on Adolescent Functioning: Experimental Impacts on Achievement, Activities, and Employment. Paper presented at the Society for Research in Adolescence Biennial Meeting, Chicago, IL,
  • Kotler, J. A., Ware Herrera, A., Gershoff, E. T (2007, March). Adolescent Role Models: The Appeal of Media Characters. In J. Kotler (Chair), Preadolescent and Adolescent Children's Identification with Media Characters. Paper presented at Society of Research in Child Development Biennial Meeting, Boston, MA, March 29, 2007.
  • Ware Herrera, A. (2006, July). Plaza Sésamo: The Role of Media in Enhancing the Development of Competent Children. In S. Reifenberg (Chair), Enhancing Quality in Early Education in Chile. Paper presented at an international conference on early education, July, 2006, Santiago, Chile.