Learning Centers for Exploring Literature

There are six learning centers that will help you gain perspective into the piece of literature that we are reading in class. Examine the choices and visit four of the centers that interest you. Do the assigned activity for each center you choose, and fill in your self-reflection log. After everyone has completed the center activities within the time frame, you will be assigned to groups of three to discuss your findings and how this background knowledge is helping you better understand the piece of literature.


Music Center

Listen to a piece of music from the same period of time.

Film Center

This story has been adapted to film. Watch the ten-minute segment.


Historical Center

Examine the historical timeline of this story. Use the Internet to find more information.


Society Center

Look through these three books and explore the fashion of this time period.

Biography Center

Read the short biography of the author's life. Explore one of the three resources.


Travel Center

Look at these current travel brochures and maps of the region in which the story took place.