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Title:Involving parents in homework in the middle grades
Author:Epstein, J. L., Simon, B. S., & Salinas, K. C.
Resource Type:Journal Article
Research Bulletin (18)

4 pages
Full text:
Education Level:Middle
Literature type:Research and Evaluation

The purpose of this study is to explore whether Teachers Involve Parents in Schoolwork (TIPS) interactive homework process contributes to students' writing scores and report card grades over one school year, and how students and their families react to the TIPS process. The study led to three conclusions: (1) families of middle school students can be involved in learning activities at home; (2) report card grades and attitudes improved when students conducted interactive homework with family members, and (3) families need more than homework activities to meet their goals for their children's learning and success. This study collected three writing samples, attendance records, and report card grades from 683 students and surveyed 413 students and 218 parents about their experiences and attitudes. The researchers used multiple regression analyses to statistically control for student's family background, school, grade level, attendance, prior report card grades, prior writing skills, and other variables in order to identify independent effects of TIPS and family involvement on students' writing skills, report card grades, and student and family attitudes toward TIPS. It did not use a comparison group or measure the impact of homework and family involvement on classroom teaching.

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