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Archive of the Webinar 8:
Evaluating Family Engagement Strategies: Addressing Measurement Challenges (August 18, 2011)

Webinar Contents

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Resources and Links

Framing Quality Evaluation

Evaluation Approaches and Tools

Evaluation to Promote Scale and Sustainability

  • Rethinking scale: Moving Beyond Numbers to Deep and Lasting Change (Educational Researcher, 2003)
    This article defines a new way of thinking about “scale” in education reform. By looking at scale through the lens of four interrelated dimensions—depth, sustainability, spread, and shift in reform ownership—researchers can better inform policymakers as they craft reform strategies.
  • Disseminating Orphan Innovations (Stanford Social Innovation Review, 2011)
    This article explores why some social innovations that achieve excellent results in one location are not easy to replicate in others. Written by a team that found success taking one initiative to scale, the article offers insight into how customizing innovations to new circumstances —versus replicating the original initiative—can make all the difference.
  • Evaluation’s Role in Supporting Initiative Sustainability (Harvard Family Research Project, 2002)
    This paper offers ideas for how evaluation can ensure that a discussion about sustainability is started early and is maintained throughout an initiative.
  • Why Do Parents Become Involved? Research Findings and Implications (Elementary School Journal, 2005)
    This literature review examines what variables can influence a parent’s decision to become involved in their child’s education. These indicators can help schools and other organizations create the conditions for increased family engagement.

Be sure to check back later as new resources will be posted periodically.

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