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Archive of the Webinar 7:
Successful Transitions to High School: Promoting High School Success and Facilitating College Readiness
(June 23, 2011)

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Resources and Links

Dropout Reports

Building a Grad Nation: Progress and Challenge in Ending the High School Dropout Epidemic (2010) (Civic Enterprises, Everyone Graduates Center, America’s Promise Alliance)
This report provides information about the Civic Marshall Plan to end the nation’s dropout crisis. The authors describe effective actions and strategies and provide examples of successful efforts. http://www.every1graduates.org/gradnation.html

To access the 2011 Annual Update, Grad Nation Guidebook and tools please go to

Parent Expectations and Planning for College: Statistical Analysis Report (2008) (NCES)
This report examines the long-term expectations parents, with children in middle and high school, have for their children, and the way these parents commonly participate in postsecondary educational planning. http://www.eric.ed.gov/ERICWebPortal/recordDetail?accno=ED501131

College Readiness Begins in Middle School, ACT Policy Report (2002) (ACT)
This study provides information on a process to begin college preparation at the middle school level, including descriptions of key issues and challenges as well as effective strategies. http://www.act.org/research/policymakers/pdf/CollegeReadiness.pdf


The Parental Involvement Puzzle (2009) (Harvard Graduate School of Education’s Usable Knowledge Website)
This article explores Nancy Hill’s research on family engagement with adolescents, published in Families, School, and the Adolescent. The article discusses concrete, developmentally-appropriate strategies families can use to effectively engage in their adolescent’s education. http://www.gse.harvard.edu/news-impact/2009/10/the-parental-involvement-puzzle/

Resource Guide for High School Transitions: Annotated Bibliography (2011) (Harvard Family Research Project)
The resources in this bibliography address a variety of topics related to high school transitions including family engagement, school practices, and student outcomes. http://hfrp.org/HSResourceGuide

Community Partnerships to Support High School Success (2011) (Harvard Family Research Project)
This report from Harvard Family Research Project profiles the strategic planning process of eight United Way sites that received grants to identify promising family engagement strategies for high school students and their families with the goal of raising high school graduation rates. These sites created action plans by engaging families, schools, and communities in the planning process. http://www.hfrp.org/publications-resources/browse-our-publications/community-partnerships-to-support-high-school-success

Engaging Families at the Secondary Level: What Schools Can Do to Support Family Involvement (2005) (SEDL)
This brief provides a brief explanation of the research related to engaging families at the secondary level, suggestions for practice, and practical ideas for increasing family engagement at the secondary level. http:// www.sedl.org/connections/resources/rb/rb3-Secondary.pdf

Removing Roadblocks to Rigor: Linking Academic and Social Supports to Ensure College Readiness and Success (2009) (Pathways to College Network, Institute for Higher Education Policy)
This report describes a framework of emotional, informational, and structural supports that help to ensure that all students graduate from high school ready for college and future career success. http://www.pathwaystocollege.net/pdf/Roadblocks.pdf

Stories of Success

Making a Decision About College: Should I Stay or Should I Go? (2003) (Harvard Family Research Project)
This teaching case from Harvard Family Research Project explores a high school senior’s decision between going to college to fulfill her dream of becoming a pediatrician or staying with her family, who depend on her household contributions. http://www.hfrp.org/publications-resources/publications-series/family-engagement-teaching-cases/making-a-decision-about-college-should-i-stay-or-should-i-go

Beating the Odds (2007) (Annenberg Institute for School Reform)
This report profiles the successful efforts of thirteen New York City Schools that provided low-performing ninth grade students with the support they needed to graduate from high school and go on to college. http://www.annenberginstitute.org/products/BTO_report.php

Success at Every Step: How 23 Programs Support Youth on the Path to College and Beyond (2009) (American Youth Policy Forum)
This report provides insight into the qualities that are common to effective efforts to support college and career readiness. The authors also include profiles for each identified program based on their evaluation data. http://www.aypf.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/SuccessAtEveryStep.pdf

College Success For All: How the Hidalgo Independent School District Is Adopting Early College as a District-wide Strategy (2010) (Jobs for the Future)
This report tells the story of Hidalgo’s systemic approach to adopting College for All. The effort included a broad range of partnerships and collaborations with higher education, local organizations, and the students’ families. http://www.jff.org/publications/education/college-success-all-how-hidalgo-independ/1144

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