Art in AIR's Austin Office: National Art Contest Winners

About the Contest: Education and My Future

In conjunction with our move to a new headquarters building, SEDL sponsored a national student art contest. We invited students between the ages of 5 and 18 to submit drawings or paintings reflecting their perspectives on how education impacts their future.

We received a total of 178 entries from students in 11 states throughout the U.S. From these, we selected a grand prize winner, plus first, second, and third place winners in each of four grade level categories.

The winning entries are now hanging in the first-floor gallery of SEDL’s new headquarters building.

Grand Prize Winner
grand prize winner

Education makes a difference
Lucy Wang, 6th grade
Holmdel, New Jersey
Grand prize winner

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SEDL recognized the first, second, and third place in each grade category by framing the work and displaying in SEDL’s national headquarters in Austin, Texas. SEDL has also recognized the winners with a $100 gift to their school, a certificate to their school and for the student. In addition, SEDL has made the following awards within each grade category:

1st place: iPod 40 GB
2nd place: iPod Nano
3rd place: iPod Shuffle

The Grand Prize Winner received a new iMac computer. The student, a parent, and their teacher will also be invited to Austin, Texas for a ceremony recognizing their artwork in the first half of 2008, courtesy of SEDL and the Stephen F. Austin Intercontinental Hotel. The trip will be coordinated to work with student, school, and family schedules.

Winning Artwork

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Grand Prize Winner
grand prize winner

Education makes a difference
Lucy Wang, 6th grade
Holmdel, New Jersey
Grand prize winner


PreK-2nd grade

My stairs to the space
1st place, PreK-2nd grade
Wenyi Ouyang, 2nd grade
Highland Park, New Jersey

Bright future
2nd place, PreK-2nd grade
Meagan Killian, 2nd grade
Whitehouse, Texas

Education is important to farmers
3rd place, PreK-2nd grade
Andrea Rhea, 2nd grade
Medford, Oklahoma

Grades 3-6

Education is vital to my future
1st place, grades 3-6
Tiffany Guo, 3rd grade
Hillsborough, New Jersey

Education: It makes my mind view far and fly high
2nd place, grades 3-6
Katherine Liu, 4th grade
Saratoga, California

My hands — with an education my future is in my hands
3rd place, grades 3-6
Mia King, 5th grade
Fairburn, Georgia

Grades 7-9

Open the possibilities
1st place, grades 7-9
Alicia Feng, 8th grade
West Windsor, New Jersey

grand prize winner

Apple tree screensaver
2nd place, grades 7-9
Grace Li, 7th grade
Monmouth Junction, New Jersey

Our time line of learning
3rd place, grades 7-9
Sean Underwood, 9th grade
Wichita Falls, Texas

Grades 10–12

Everything we learn today is related to our future
1st place, grades 10-12
Athena Xie, 11th grade
Plainsboro, New Jersey

Cogito ergo sum
2nd place, grades 10-12
Katelyn Dacus, 11th grade
Jacksonville, Texas

Thinking ahead
3rd place, grades 10-12
Arturo Hernandez, 11th grade
Dallas, Texas